Pivot Software and Remesys join forces

Pivot Software and Remesys have announced plans to merge their companies.

We have attempted to answer the key questions, but please contact us directly if you have any other queries.



What does ‘merger’ mean?

Pivot Software and Remesys have agreed to merge our two businesses. We will form one company that owns the operations of both organisations.

When will this be happening?

The merger is effective from 1st December 2016.

Why have the companies joined forces?

We believe combining the forces of two, high performing local providers will help us present an attractive proposition to the market, and accelerate our growth. The merger provides the opportunity to compete more aggressively against the multinational software companies in the market, and to service a larger and broader customer base.

Organisations in the Asia Pacific region want HR software that can manage their unique requirements, and is supported by people who have a strong understanding of managing people in a local context. 

What will the new merged entity be called?

The two brands will continue to operate in the market, backed by a new holding company called Pivot Remesys Group Holdings Limited.

Who is going to own and manage the merged business?

The existing shareholders of both Pivot Software and Remesys will remain involved as owners and executives in the merged business. Philippa Youngman, the current CEO of Pivot Software, will be the Managing Director of the new entity.

Where will the new entity be based?

We will continue to have offices in both Australia and New Zealand.

What is happening with customers’ software solutions?

There will be no change to customer solutions, whether it is from Remesys or Pivot Software. It will continue as before.

Who should customers contact for support?

Again, there will be no change to support arrangements. Customers will contact support through the same channel as before.

What is happening to the employees?

All Remesys and Pivot Software employees will continue working for the combined company.

Will there be any changes to a customer’s commercial arrangements?

We will communicate with clients directly to discuss any proposed changes to the existing arrangements we have in place. With new business entities being established as part of the merger, there may be some adjustments to be made.

How can I find out more?

Please contact us directly with any other questions.